Playback issue, corrupt mp3?

Audacity is working fine with all my .mp3 files except this one, every time I try to open it, it’s playing back much slower than usual and I can’t get it back to normal. What’s the problem?

By “usual”, do you mean the playback speed in Windows Media Player?
How do you know that the “usual” playback speed is the “correct” speed?

I have the song in iTunes, it plays back perfectly, just needs the end trimming which I cannot do in Audacity because of this issue.

Does it play correctly in Windows Media Player?

Which version of Windows are you using?
Which version of Audacity are you using? (look in “Help > About Audacity” for the full version number).

It runs perfectly in Windows Media Player.
Running on Windows 7 and it’s Audacity 1.2.6

Audacity 1.2.6 has been obsolete for a long time, so that may well be the problem.

The current version of Audacity is 2.0.5 and is available here:
If you install the recommended installer for Windows, it includes the user manual (in the Help menu), which will no doubt be useful for getting up to speed with the new version.

If updating Audacity doesn’t help, try [u]mp3DirectCut[/u].

You can’t do all of the things you can do with a “normal” audio editor, but mp3DirectCut is actually preferable to a normal audio editor because it works directly on the compressed file. Regular audio editors have to decompress the file before editing, which means you go through a 2nd lossy compression step if you re-compressed to MP3.

Playback issue, corrupt mp3?

If you think your MP3 is corrupt, here are some tools that can check your MP3 and sometimes repair it.
[u]MP3 Diags[/u]

Downloaded the new version of Audacity and Lame and everything seems to be running smoothly. The tracks still seem to play up a bit in iTunes, e.g won’t let me scrub through the song like any other song, seems to get stuck at certain points and it’s kind of laggy but at least I can trim them now, thanks very much.