playback is faster than recording speed

Hi, I’m running Audacity 3.2.1 on MacBook Pro 2015, Monterey MacOS 12.3.1. Just started, am in the try-out phase. I made a voice recording with the metronome playing and counting out the beats. I repeated this several times to make sure my beats were in sync with the metronome. However, on playback my voice was consistently faster than the metronome. I tried changing sample rate from 48KHz to 44.1kHz, but nothing changed. Who can help? Adjusting the playback speed with the slighter below the tracks window slows down the metronome as well, so not practical.

When you say your voice is “faster”, do you mean that you eventually (for example) count “eleven” on the tenth beat? Or do you mean that your voice is always ahead of the beat?
– Bill