Playback is always sped up

Hi, I’m using the newest version of audacity and my audio interface is the Alesis iO2 Express

Everytime I record my vocals and then play it back, the playback seems slightly sped up, causing the pitch to also go up. I figured this out because I took the whole recording and went to Effect/Change Speed… and then slowed it down slightly and it became more accurate to how I heard myself as I was singing. However, the very FIRST time I open up Audacity, this problem doesn’t occur. This happens continuously after I delete that recording and try another recording. How do I fix this problem?

I’m using Windows XP as my OS. and I’ve already downloaded and installed the optional driver for the Alesis iO2 Express interface. Please help me!

What is the sound quality like?

Sound quality is fine, only the pitch is higher because the speed is slightly higher.

I’ve been messing around with the Project Rate…the default was at 44100 (Hz), but then the problem seems to get fixed at any other rates…do you know what the problem could’ve been? Thanks!

Sample rates must match in all places. See .