Playback is accelerated

When I record a track into Audacity the playback is accelerated by about10% – what should be about 7min, 10 seconds, actually clocks in at 6 minutes 40 seconds. And the pitch is correspondingly a little higher. It’s happened about 4 times consecutively. I’ve reloaded Audacity, with no change. I’m on a 6-year old MacBook Air with Catalina OS. Help! And thanks!

Please take us through step by step to reproduce the problem.

So when I do the math, it turns out that the ratio of your recording lengths is exactly the same as the ratio between 44100Hz and 44800Hz, the two most popular Digital-to-Analog sample rates. So in Audacity, you will find the main project sample rate in the lower left-hand corner and in the Track Control Panel of each track.

I’m a windows guy but see here to check your device sample rates on Mac:

Preferably, all of these sample rates should match.

I hope this helps. :smiley: