Playback hum

I’m new to this and struggle with complex tech. Anyway, I’ve got an Ion iTTUSB turntable and am using current Audacity software on Windows 10 to create mp3 files from my vinyl record collection. Recording seems to work alright but when I use playback on Audacity or from downloaded mp3 the sound quality is poor. I hear the music but there’s a lot of hum with it - as though the volume is on maximum but the music isn’t, if that makes sense. I’ve checked the turntable cartridge and USB cable and they seem installed properly. Can anyone help me with a solution to this problem?

Recording seems to work alright

Are you saying it looks like it’s recording OK or that it sounds OK while recording?

If it doesn’t sound OK while recording, have you tried the analog outputs? You can plug-into your stereo or TV, or plug-into powered computer speakers, etc. (It the analog sound is bad there’s probably something wrong with the turntable. (But if the analog is good, there’s still a chance that something is wrong with the USB.)

I hear the music but there’s a lot of hum with it -

Is that a low-pitch power-line hum or a high-pitch “whine”?

Make sure to select the USB device as your [u]Recording Device[/u]. Do NOT choose “loopback” or “Stereo Mix”.

It might be helpful if you give us a [u]short MP3 sample[/u].