Playback during recording not audible

Hi All,

I’m using Audacity 2.3.3 (italian version, downloaded from Microsoft Store) with an USB audio board (Behringer UMC22) and Windows 10 Pro 64bit.
The board is currently selected as input and output device (Windows Direct Sound), the pc integrated audio board is currently disabled to avoid conflicts.
What I’m trying to do:
I would like to record my bass guitar (input #1 of the external board) using a MP3 file as musical base.
To do that I’ve made the following steps:

  • import the MP3 file
  • added a new track (mono)
    Now I have 3 tracks on the screen (Left and Right of the MP3 and my mono track)

When I press “record” I can hear my bass but I can’t hear the MP3 tracks, if I play something on the bass while recording and then I stop the recording and click on “play”, I can hear both MP3 and my bass line.
In the menu “Transport” I had to disable the option “overdub” (I hope the translation is correct, I have menu items in italian) otherwise when I click on “record” an error appears:

  • unanticipated host error
  • error while opening the input device (or something like that)

Same thing happens if I enable “Software Playthrough”.
What can I do?
Thank you , best regards.


Does Microsoft store provide support for their software?

I don’t think it’s a version made by Microsoft, but (probably) specific for Windows 10: it appears among the apps allowed to use microphone into “settings–>Privacy–>Microphone”.
The version 2.3.3 downloaded directly from the Audacity web site is not listed among those apps.


You probably need to set the sample rates in the Windows Sound settings to 44100 in both the Recording tab and the Playback tab.
“Overdub” must be enabled in Audacity’s Transport menu.

Officially, we only support the official release version of Audacity (Audacity ® | Downloads). Whoever is supplying the Microsoft Store version really should support their product in my opinion.

The steps given in this post for configuring Windows should work:

Well, the problem was the different sample rate between input and output.
I put them to the same value (44100), enabled “overdub” and now it works.
Thanks a lot, regards.