Playback Distortion with Motu interface

I got auto updated to 3.0.2 this past week and now get very distorted sound on playback !! I record and playback through a Motu 4 interface.

What is your computer and operating system?
– Bill

MacBook Pro running Big Sur.

Audacity doesn’t “auto update”. Where did you get the update?

What else has changed on your computer? Updating to 3.0.2 shouldn’t change the way Audacity behaves with the MOTU.

– Bill

The Mac does automatically update of my Apps on the MacBook and I got the update on Friday 23.
I did successful track recordings on Thursday — which I have done with Audacity for several years. Nothing changed in my set-up and I tried to record again on Friday and got terrible distortion on the playback.
The only thing that changed was the updated Audacity program.

How does the Mac update Audacity?
macOS does not do that by default, and Audacity does not have auto-update.

Can I get back to 3.0 someway ??

– Bill

I did not record anything for over a week — planting season in PA !! — but did today for Mothers Day. I used the old 3.0.0 version and got NO distortion and everything worked OK.
There may be something you should look into with 3.0.2 ??

I’ve tried to reproduce this problem with Audacity 3.0.2 on macOS but I’ve not been able to reproduce the problem.

Perhaps if you could tell us how your system automatically updated Audacity, that may help us to reproduce the issue.

I had deleted the Auto Update and then downloaded 3.0.2 from your fosshub. The distortion remained. I did that action twice with the same distortion result. I then deleted that version and downloaded the 3.0.0 from your Old list at fosshub.
The distortion has gone.