playback distortion/static after 5 mins

New windows 10, audacity 2.1.0. I have Samsung NP300E5E i3 processor (may be TMI) but I’m desperate. Ive spent countless hours searching and seemed to have come across a case or two with this problem but still no solution was offered. I am using a Scarlett 2i2 by Focusrite and an AT4040 mic. After about 5 mins of recording, recorded playback will sounds like robotic distortion. I can speak into the mic just fine hear it clearly (though the gain has to be turned up on the scarlett as does the headphone volume), but I’ve played with every volume combination I can think of as recommended in some forums and it doesn’t change the distorted playback. I’ve also changed the project rate (hz), audio host and line out settings, phantom power, direct monitoring options, etc… However, I hooked this same set up to my brother’s desktop and it worked just fine without problem. This leads me to believe it is a laptop issue (still don’t know why it works well for the first few minutes though). I had the same issues prior to windows 10 so it couldn’t be that. Its not as though I’m recording multiple tracks and it does this with voice only. I’m not creating multiple racks as I delete them after each attempt. I’ve restarted audacity but this does not work either. At this point I would be relieved to hear that its just the laptop and that a desktop would be required to have more power or whatever it is that’s missing. Just a heads up, I’m not ultra savvy when it comes to computer and/or lingo, but I’ll try and provide anyinfo I can.

Audacity 2.1.1 doesn’t directly support Windows 10 yet (attached).

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 22.49.53.png

Given you are on Windows 10 now, have you obtained the necessary new Windows 10 drivers that Scarlett provide? If not, I recommend you do so: Those drivers have “Fixed enumeration issue with 2i2/2i4/Scarlett Solo on Windows 10” so you definitely want that fix.

The issues you have are normally to do with sample rate or buffer length problems, though could be to do with other things like power management. If you still have the same isse after installing the correct drivers and rebooting (use Win + X and “Shut Down”) please post a WAV sample of what the problem sounds like. See How to post an audio sample.