Playback Cue List

Hello all,

I’m new to Audacity. Is there any way to set up playback of a number of different sections in a single audio file using a cue list. It is a feature in Cool Edit and very useful at times. I find no reference to setting up multiple selections and saving them with an audio file for playback. Thanks in advance for any help. Aaron WinXP

and saving them with an audio file for playback

I don’t think Audacity can make a cue sheet, and Audacity isn’t supposed to be a “player” (although of course, you can listen to what you’re recording/editing, etc.).

You can add [u]labels[/u] if that helps.

Then for example, if you’ve digitized an LP or cassette you can label the songs and export each labeled section to a different song-file.

Audacity does not use cue lists, but it does have “labels” that can be used to mark regions.
Information about label tracks here:

Thanks for the information. It did not occur to me to search for the term “labels.” Cheerio, Aaron