Playback Changes Depending on Start Time


I have Audacity 2.0.3, and I’m running it on Windows 8. I’m editing a file (just with talking). I’ve done a noise removal on it and I’m in the process of editing the file on a finer level, removing ticks and background noise, etc., but I’ve noticed something rather odd…

  1. when I click on a silent portion of the file, and play, things are very quiet (except for a negligible background).

  2. when I click on the words just before the silence, the silence is no longer silent (there are very audible distortions, hums in the background, etc.) - as though the noise removal never happened.

Just to clarify, I’m listening to the same patch of “silence” both times.

I’ve listened to this repeatedly and carefully; from what I can tell it is not some sort of auditory illusion (juxtaposing talking next to silence). The playback of the background really is different depending on where I start playing the file.

Can anyone help me out here?



Dig in the Windows Control Panels and make sure there are no “special” services running to try and help you. Win7 had a “Concert Hall” effect that drive me crazy for a while. Vista had Enhanced Services Skype processing.

Turn all that stuff off. Audacity has no natural processing that can do that.


That helped… at least the problem hasn’t occurred since I turned off all those automatic settings :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!