Playback causes audacity to become unresponsive

Hey all! I’m on windows 11 Enterprise version 21H2 using Audacity 3.2.1

I’ve come across an issue where playing back audio - either with the space bar or the dedicated play button in the toolbar - causes audacity to freeze for 30 or so seconds and gives me a “(not responding)” in the app title bar :frowning:

Everything else is quick and responsive. I can use the gui, apply effects, and everything else I need from audacity. It just takes unbearably long to play the audio I’m editing.

This is new device to me (xps 13 9310) and have had no issue with other applications or audacity on other devices.

Any hints or clues to help me out would be lovely :mrgreen:

Are you sure this is 3.2.1 and NOT 3.2.0 ?

This sounds like this issue which was closed as fixed in 3.2.1: