PLAYBACK (Audacity files)

If the work is in WAV, MP3 or other stand-alone file form, you should do it in Windows Media or the free iTunes download. You can easily create long playlists to your mood and set them running by themselves.

I followed your advice and above and dragged and dropped the Audacity icon of the music selection into the Windows Media window which states “To create a playlist” in the windows media box. Nothing happens. If I do the same thing thing with the same music which has not been transformed by Audacity, viola, it pastes and starts to play.

I am using windows7 and Audacity 2.0 .exe.

I use Creative Media Source 5 Player to play my music, if it is at all possible to play the Audacity version here, Creative Media Source 5 Player, it would be great, if not, oh well.

Appreciate any help you can give, thanks.


Topic split as it does not really relate to the previous post.

Audacity projects are not sound files. See here:

Well, it appears I did all the right things to begin with, however…

As my geekmanship lies in another domain other than computers; so, I went to the magic mirror and asked wt@, it’s reply was “all things will be revealed, re-boot, and propagation will take place.” As you can surmise, my problem got answered.

Thanks very much for your timely reply and info.


Thanks for the entertaining update and glad you got it working :smiley: