Play using macros/Cut preview has a progress bar

Audacity 3.0.0
Windows 10

I use the various macros that involve playing audio. In 2.4.x, I could play fine using commands like “Play After Selection End” but now, there is a progress bar that appears while playing. The title is “Progesss” and the progress bar is as long as the audio I want to play. This also happens when I press the C key to do cut preview. The “Play” macro command works like it did in 2.4.x

I presume what is happening is that it now believes the playing is something to be counted in the overall macro progress so it gives the progress bar but what it actually does is create lag. “Cut preview” is barely usable as a result.

Love Audacity and thanks for the update!

Thank you for your report. There was another report of potential conflicts of the progress bar during macros when invoked by a python script. Perhaps there is a solution that could address both situations.

Can you provide a clear example demonstrating you issue? Thanks.

I think that’s been fixed for Audacity 3.0.1 (scheduled for release later this month).

I was not able to reproduce any problem with Cut Preview.

Sorry, I should have clarified that it is Cut Preview as a macro command. I realised that I had changed the C key to a 2 step macro (zero crossing, then cut preview).

I still can’t reproduce the problem. The macro works fine for me with those two commands.

When the “Audacity 3.0.1 release candidate” becomes available, please try that to see if it makes any difference.

The issue is still there in Audacity 3.0.2 for me. Try creating a macro that just contains the “Play after seletion end” function, select a bit of audio and run it. A progress bar should appear during playback instead of just playing it.

I can confirm the progress bar appears in 3.0.2.

For my limited testing with a single short audio clip, I noticed no degradation in time (over for example Extra > Transport > Play After Selection End). Note that the developers are currently conducting a study of Macros and their interactions.