play/through problem

Hi I am having difficulty hearing the sound through my PC when recording/playing an album on my ION USB turntable. I can record if I use the USB Codec but cannot hear the music through my Lenovo PC’s Realtek audio. However I can record the track(s) if I disable the in-built Realtek speakers and enable the USB Audio CODEC, export them to my PC and then have to disable the USB codec and re-enable the Realtek speakers to play the WMV or MP3 files through my PC’s speakers. Am I doing something wrong? I ticked the play/through option but I can’t. Any advice would be appreciated.

Make sure you’ve selected the USB CODEC as your [u]Recording Device[/u] and your Realtek soundcard/speakers as your Playback Device. (Your Audacity playback device is also the monitoring/playthrough device.)

If you want to play the recording with Windows Media Player (or some other application) you may have to unplug the turntable and/or change your default playback device in Windows.

Thanks DVDDoug, I appreciate you replying - great help too. solved!