Play segment, pause, repeat

I am a newbie to Audacity and am trying to transcribe the fiddle part for a song my wife recorded (pre recorded accompaniment) while on vacation. I don’t how much of this Audacity can do but I would like to play a selection (a measure or two, maybe ~3 seconds), have it pause for a few seconds, then repeat until I stop it. This would give me the chance to find the notes and write them down before moving on to the next few measures?

Thus far I have been able to remove vocals and I see how to select beginning and ending time, but is there a way to append (temporarily) a pause to the passage and repeat it until I stop it?


You can drag-select the selection and loop-play (SHIFT-click on the Play button, or SHIFT + SPACE).

There is no pause unless you click where you want the pause and Generate > Silence there. There is a plugin that can expand silences that already exist in the track, but like Generate, this modifies the actual audio.