Play keyboard recordings through keyboard

I may not have thought this through.
I have recorded a couple of tracks using Audacity from my keyboard.
Can I play them back THROUGH my keyboard?
Problem is… Im using the jack in my keyboard to connect to PC, so I cant use it for my earphones.
I would like to play it back through my keyboard and practice over it before recording another track over the ones I have already done.

Can anyone help?

Well, there’s the obvious trick of playing the computer into speakers and play the keyboard into your headphones which you half-wear, but you are the poster child for Overdubbing.

An overdubbing setup lets you play old tracks into your headphones (in any combination) at the same time you’re recording your new performance into a fresh track. In this way you can make yourself into any band with any number of performers.

However. You can’t listen to the live performance in your headphones while you to this. The round-trip through the computer means your live performance is going to be late in your headphones. An echo. And no, that’s not the “latency” problem that can be cured with the Audacity Latency setting. Different Latency.

I got around this with a UCA-202 digital interface.

Substitute your keyboard for my mixer. If you listen to the UCA202, you can get a live mix between your old tracks and the new one you’re playing live. With proper adjustments, everything comes out in sync and good quality and you can stack up as many tracks as you want.

Without a device like the UCA202 (other devices can do this, but I just don’t own them), you will probably not be able to listen to your live performance in real time during the mix.