Play from end of selection OR save selection position?

I have a great great question.
I’d like to make a selection in Audacity and then I’d like to hear what plays from the End of the selection point onwards. Is there any way to do this? For example, playing play just plays the selected portion, but I’d like to play from After the selection onwards…

Alternatively I wondered whether the selection position can be saved to memory similar to a ‘clipboard’ and can easily be reselected again. This would also satisfy what I’m looking to do. This would be such a simple function to implement, being able to save a selection on a track and then to easily re-select this again. Are there any shortcuts or ways to do this?

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You can play from just before, or just after the end of the selection using “Quick Play” (Timeline - Audacity Manual).
You can’t play exactly from the end using this method because that interferes with adjusting the Quick Play region.

Yes, you can do that: “Select > Region > Store Selection” and “Select > Region > Retrieve Selection”.

In some cases you may find it useful to use “labels” to mark points or regions: Label Tracks - Audacity Manual