Play Cut Preview no longer working

Hi All -

I’ve used Audacity for about 15 hours and now the Play Cut Preview command keyboard shortcut no longer works. It’s the ‘C’ button by default. I"ve uninstalled and reinstalled, nothing helped. Any ideas?

Using Audacity 2.1.1 on Win 7.


I"ve uninstalled and reinstalled

Reinstalling Audacity doesn’t Reset Audacity.

Windows Audacity has an option in the install process where you tell it to reset preferences and settings. Did you check that? If you didn’t, Audacity will install exactly as it was before.


This bug won’t be fixed by re-installing.

You can “enable” the cut preview by pressing record, stop and undo (the recording).
The cut preview will now work during this session.

There are also some new preview shortcuts available that will work always.

  • Shift+F5: before left edge
  • Shift+F6: after left edge
  • Shift+F7: before right edge
  • Shift+F8: after right edge
  • Control+Shift+F5: around left edge
  • Control+Shift+F7: around right edge
  • (for comparison, “c”: around selection)
    The times for “before” and “after” are the same as for cut preview and can be adjusted under preferences.


but it will be fixed by installing Audacity 2.1.2 when it is released (the bug has been fixed).

Thanks for this info. Guess I’ll have to use the combination of Shift+F5 and Shift+F6 for now. Even using the “enable” trick below, I’m still unable to bring back the Play Cut Preview functionality. Any ideas?

Ok, I’ve got the functionality working again and the “record, stop, undo” worked. Crazy fix and thanks a ton. Looking forward to being more active on this board.


Very good.

Don’t miss the next release lest you have to do the trick over and over.