Play back speed very slow??

I am using very 2.2.1.
Been using this for quite a while without problems
However today I have tried to review a WAV file
when I had completed my alterations and then saved it.
I tried play the file and the playback speed was VERY Slow???
I have no idea what caused this to happen
and I have tried to find some reason for it.
I have downloaded the latest Audacity version for windows
but all files I now try to play in Audacity play VERY Slow as if in slow motion.
Hoping someone may be able to help please.


I can’t think of why this might be. You could try Tools > Reset Configuration. Also, run Help > About Audacity to make sure you are running the version you think you are.

I would try uninstalling all versions of Audacity, then redownload the new version and install it, checking the options to reset the configuration.

You can download the current version here: Audacity ® | Downloads
and older versions here: Old Audacity versions download

Have you tried any other audio tools such as VLC ?

Good luck.