Play at speed, not enough decimal places

So, I’ve been accustomed to typing at least 3 digits in the “Play at speed” dialog on older versions of Audacity. I use .125 a heck of a lot as a blind user to aid in precision because it’s 3 octaves lower than the original speed.
But now, in the later versions like 3.3.3, it only allows two decimals which frustrates me like heck because I simply cannot enter .125. It will only let me enter .12, and that’s definitely NOT 3 octaves below. It’s 3 octaves and 50 cents below, and I have perfect pitch.
So why only two decimals? I wish we could revert back to the 3-decimal system again.

This change occurred around 3 yars or so ago.

Audacity 2.4.2 was the last version that allowed you to type more than two digits after the decimal point.
But when I tried 0.125 there and the examined the rate after the change it showed in the Play-at-Speed toolbar as 0.13x

It kooks like a display rounding though, as when I double click on the slider again the value shows as 0.125

You may wish to raise this as a regression issue on Muse’s GitHub site:

You will need a GitHub account to do that, but those are free.


Thanks. Just ticketed an issue on GitHub. I thought the WORST CAPTCHA EVER was going to prevent me from doing it just 'cause I’m blind (I’m sure people invented visual-only Captchas just to break the law and to purposefully exclude blind people!), but thank goodness there was an audio option!

Glad you made it through the Captcha - I’m sighted and I hate those darn things.

I added a regression flag to the ticket you posted.


So what’s that actually mean, like the regression kind of thing? Confused. Was it just a receipt you heard it, or…

A regression is when something used to work in a previous version and no longer does in a later version.

Sometimes not always fixed or fixable due to design changes/improvements - but in this case I see no reason for removing that level of required accuracy.


Gotcha. Makes sense. Terminology can be a little weird when you’re first learning about something.

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