Play and pause audacity automatically from a script

is it possible to pause and play the sound file from audacity using script?
please help me


Audacity does not “directly” support scripting, but there may be ways to accomplish what you want to do. What exactly do you want to do (including “why”)?

Thank you for your response.
i just wanted to play a series of utterances with different gains for thousands of times. i need to wait for some time after each of the utterance. Here the waiting time is dynamic. so i need to pause and play the audacity project file. In pause time i need to record and pass the uttered signal through the network, so that i can get the real time speech data with different environment noise.
Now i am doing it manually by pressing Pause(P) shortcut key from key board. This is boring and wasting lot of time.
i have tried to use the scripting to do the same with the help of manual at “”, but i am failed to load the scripting module.
Please help me

What does that mean?

i am simulating the clean speech to get the real time speech data with different noises and different gains. I am going to use this data for ASR system training.