Play a random audio file followed by a set (nonrandom ) file

Hope I’m in the right place. I’ve recorded a cadence (ii-V-I jazz cadence) and transposed it so I have it in 12 keys.

What I want to do is:

  1. play a random file (i.e., a cadence in a random kehy)
  2. follow that by a specific tone (“C” works fine for this)
  3. play another random candence
  4. rinse and repeat

The idea is to listen to a cadence where you don’t know the key, but followed by a note you do know. So hearing “C” against a random key means it functions dirferently depending on the key. “C” sounds like home in the key of C, but sounds like/functions as a major 7th in D-flat.

It’s sort of an inverse way to do functional ear training. Usually you play a known cadence (again, say in the key of C), play a random note, and identify that note based on how it sounds against (or how it functions in) the known key.

Is there a way to shuffle my 12 cadences but after each one plays, play the fixed note, and then wait for me to press a key or something?

Is there an API that would handle this maybe.

TIA for any insight.


Yes, you could program this in Python for example: Scripting - Audacity Manual

ty!! this looks perfect.

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