Plantronics Headset & Static on Playback

Audacity 2.01
Macbook Pro version 10.6.8 of OS X
Plantronics Headset with Microphone

When I playback a wav file in Audacity and I am listening through my USB Plantronics headset (connected through USB hub) I hear static and white noise that is NOT in the source file. I’ve proven that much by switching to earbuds plugged into my Mac directly and I don’t hear any static or white noise. Do you think it’s the USB hub or maybe a problem with the headset? Any advice would be appreciated


Never send an audio bitstream through a USB hub. They cause sound damage. Audio equipment needs a USB home run.

You can use a wall-powered USB hub to help a USB audio device if it has problems, but you can’t plug anything else in the hub if you do that.


That’s the impression I am getting as well, thanks for your reply