Place to make notes about a project

I sometimes come back to a project after some time and wonder exactly where I was up to. A Menu > File > Notes would be wonderful. I checked the pending feature requests on the wiki and didn’t find anything like this; the nearest is “Log of changes: I’m wondering if anyone has created a sort of ‘log viewer’ of changes” which is not what I have in mind. I’m thinking notes like:

editVoice1: performed EQ, mouth clicks
editVoice2: performed EQ, mouth clicks, timing
bgVoice2: background sound effects for voice2
mergeVoice2: voice2 + bg: auto duck -12dB 0.1 sec in/out.

That would help me know that I need to check timing on voice1 before processing it.
Thanks guys! Phil

Could use a label track for those notes.

When I’m working with Audacity projects, I generally create a folder before I start, and put everything relating to that project in the folder. I then launch Audacity and immediately save the new (still empty at this point) project into the folder.

This has a number of benefits:

  1. It makes it easy to find everything relating to the project.
  2. It avoids the risk of accidentally deleting something that is important to the project.
  3. It avoids accidentally separating the AUP file from its “_data” folder (which would destroy the project and lose my work)
  4. I can easily keep notes relating to the project with the project.

The final item being relevant to your enquiry - I just use a text editor to write notes and save as a .txt file.

  1. I can easily keep notes relating to the project with the project.
    Duh, how obvious. I keep multiple projects in one directory, but projname.txt would work fine. Has the added benefit of knowing all the keyboard shortcuts.
    Thanks, Phil