Pitching a sample down without quality loss


I used to have Reason, and when I wanted to pitch down a sample without quality loss, I would put the sample into a sampler, then press whichever key on my midi keyboard I wanted the sample to be pitched down to (I hope this makes sense). The only downside of this is that not only would it pitch down but also slow down the tempo etc, but with no quality loss.

Is there any feature on Audacity which allows me to exactly replicate this? I can do all sorts of cool stuff like pitch down/tempo down etc, but for this particular sample I want to use the above method I used to do in Reason. Thought it was worth asking before going through all this hassle of reinstalling Reason.


“Effect > Change Speed”
Essentially what this effect (and Reason) does is to change the playback rate, thus changing the “speed” (tempo) and pitch, both virtually perfectly.

A tip for working out what percentage change to apply: if you know the start note and the target note, or if you know how many semitones change you want, open (but don’t apply) the “Change Pitch” effect.

thanks bro.