Pitch too low on playback

I know it has been posted several times here, but I cannot find the solution that the playback in audcity has a too low pitch.
I have tried all options in windows of all playback/recording devices to change the bit rate, the effect of which is zero. I also tried to change the sampling rate in Audacity, but also to no avail. I does not even matter to the output pith. If I play an e, the pitch of the note that is being played back is a flat eflat.
I am using a m-audio air 192|8 on a windows 11 machine.

Just to be clear, you are using the M-Audio for EVERYTHING? Recording, monitoring, playback? You’re not using your regular soundcard or a USB mic for anything?

And nobody is collaborating with you and using their own equipment?

I’m using the m-audio to record, and use my regular soundcard for playback.

That’s the problem. The clocks (oscillators) don’t match so the 44.1kHz, or 48kHz, or whatever, is off. No clock is perfect but some consumer soundcards are off by enough to cause a problem.

…It’s usually not noticeable as long as there’s no reference but it can be a problem recording with one and playing back on the other, or when using a different one on a backing track, or if you try to play-along with a properly-tuned instrument.

I can understand that when the clocks are off, that one would get a small difference. However, this is not small, it’s off by almost a full note. Actually in the order of but not equal to 41.4/48. What I just can’t understand that I can not solve it by adjusting the sampling rate either on the recoding (audacity) side or on the playback (soundcard) side. I used to have no problem with this on my old m-audio mobile pre.

I have now also plugged in a headphone in my m-audio, and the playback pitch is also too low…

OK, so I do think I finally figured out what goes wrong, but not really why…

M-audio comes with a driver control panel. Only here it seems to be able to adjust the sampling rate. And only when I there set a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz I get the correct pitch out. Changing any of the sampling frequencies setiings in Audacity does not seem to do anything.

How can I record in audacity then with a higher sampling rate than 44.1kHz without a lowered pitch?

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