Pitch shifted audio

Hi everyone and thanks in advance for your help.

I’m using a focusrite scarlett 2i2 on a win 10 laptop. When I record it sounds fine in the program, but when I export the audio is pitch shifted. I think it could possibly be a sample rate problem, but I’ve tried many different sample rates and it doesn’t seem to affect the exported audio.

For reference it does the same thing in ableton, but records fine using the windows voice recorder.



A sample rate change will change the speed & pitch, but sample rate mismatches are rare.

If you are playing back on your regular soundcard, try playing-back through the Focusrite interface. Every device has it’s own clock (oscillator) and sometimes consumer soundcards are “off” a bit. (No clock is perfect.)

but records fine using the windows voice recorder.

Are you using the Focusrite or your soundcard? If the soundcard is off, you won’t know there’s a problem if you record & play back through the same soundcard.