Pitch Recognition for Audacity

good day!!!..i am having now a thesis proposal of adding features for audacity…i would just like to ask the developer if there exist a pitch recognition plug-in or feature in audacity…if ever there is…i would like to ask for any suggestions on what feature is lacking in audacity, for my thesis project…

note: i also included on my proposal a noise filter for live recording and converting analog sound to digital as added feature for audacity…

thank you!!..God BLess

You can do a very passable pitch recognition with the Spectrum Analyzer. Select a small portion of the tone and…

Effect > Analyze > Plot Spectrum.

The cursor in version 1.3 will read out the location of the peaks to a pretty high accuracy. The major peaks will be the tone frequency. You can get numbers down to the nearest cycle anywhere in the range and you can get a better and better display depending on how large your screen is. Keep dragging your window larger.

Any simple pitch recognition software is going to be doing this exercise anyway and hiding the nuts and bolts behind the curtain.


We need to keep in mind that Audacity never does anything in real time–ever. No shortage of people wanting to record with a filter.

I can secure your place in the firmament. Figure out a way to get rid of echoes in post. People will kill to be able to do that.