Pitch Matching Help

Hi guys,

So I’ve been playing around with Audacity for a couple of years now, mainly just learning by trial and error etc. and using it for fun.

I’ve been working on a little project lately where I’m combining to variations of a very similar songs, I’ve managed to get them timed up (not perfectly and in what’s probably and unconventional way but to a level I’m happy with) but I can’t help but find that the pitch of the two songs doesn’t quite match no matter how much I play around with it.

Is there any simple way of perfectly matching the pitch, or failing that, would anyone on here with more experience/skill mind having a look at my project for me?

Many thanks.

Maybe try [u]Gsnap[/u]. GSnap is a free pitch correction plug-in that’s similar to Autotune or Melodyne. It’s designed to correct the pitch when a singer hits a “sour note”.

The two songs may use different scales, so they may never match perfectly.