Pitch EAC?

What in the world is this supposed to be? When selected in 2.0.3, it’s just a blue Monet painting with no legend of the y axis. Is there anything in Audacity that will allow one to view the pitch (ex; A-B-G#-B-B) on an entire vocal or instrument track?

You’ll need to post a screen capture so we can see what you’re seeing.


There are picky and painful ways to see musical notes, but nothing that can display the note names up and down the timeline which is what I assume you want.

The attached is a tiny portion of Analyze > Plot Spectrum. It doesn’t tell you where in the song that note (C3) occurs. It just says there is one. I don’t think any of the other tools do much better.

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 19.06.28.png

As always look in the Manual for more information Audacity Manual.

And it is better to keep Audacity up-to-date in case there are improved features on offer.

Importing a MIDI file is the closest to that, if you know what key the song is in.

There is experimental Audacity code that is much closer to what you are expecting but it is not currently being further developed.