Pitch change shortens/lengthens track


I have seen this discussed before in the archives, and the consensus seemed to be that it wasn’t a big problem. I am also having this problem when trying to adjust pitches. When I adjust the pitch of a selection of one track, I can see the portion of the track after the change moving so that it becomes out of synch with the other tracks. For example, correcting one word of a vocal performance that is out of tune. I.e., raising the pitch make that little selection shorter, and that defintely IS noticible.

The only thing I have been able to do is make the selection, go to “tempo change” just to see how long the duration of the selection is, then go to “pitch change” and make my change, then come back to “tempo change” and return the selection to it’s original length. This works, to some extent, but it is a very clunky method.

There must be another way??? Everything I read says Audacity doesn’t do this, but it does.


The pitch change effect keeps the audio at “approximately” the same length as the original, but as you say, this approximation is sometimes not close enough to avoid problems with timings (specifically if you have multiple tracks). To work around the problem, (use Audacity 1.3) duplicate the section to be processed (Ctrl+D) to another track, then “Split Delete” the original. You can now process the duplicate and it will not affect the timing of the original track.