Pitch change in Change speed effect

Hi guys.

Using the Change speed effect, I’m finding that In order to change the pitch up or down by a musical interval, I have to copy and paste between the ‘change speed’ and ‘change pitch’ effects. ‘Percent change.’ I find the ‘change speed’ effect’s change in pitch is often the one I desire. Adding a Semitones (half-steps): option into the ‘speed change’ effect would be huge time saver.
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Not to detract from your feature request, but a tip that may be useful while Audacity does not have this feature:

Method 1
You can “look up” the required change in % by opening the “Change Pitch” effect and setting the required musical interval, then look in the “Percent Change” box. Cancel the “Change Pitch” effect and apply “Change Speed” with the % indicated by the “Change Pitch” effect.

For example, if you wish to lower the pitch by 1 whole tone:

  • Select the audio
  • Effect > Change Pitch
  • In the “Semitones (half steps):” box, type -2 (minus two semitones to lower the pitch by one whole tone). This will indicate “-10.910” in the “Percent Change” box. Copy the “-10.910”.
  • Press the Cancel button.
  • Effect > Change Speed
  • Paste the “-10.910” into the “Percent Change” box and click the “OK” button.

Method 2
Use the “Sliding Time Scale/Pitch Shift” effect.
This allows you to copy and paste values between boxes in the one interface rather than switching between different effects. It also allows the tempo and pitch to be adjusted independently if required.

Lol thats what Iv’e been doing :slight_smile:
Sorry, not very good at describing things.
Thanks tho :smiley:

I saw that you were using “method 1”, but I thought it might be useful for other readers to see a bit more detail.
Have you tried method 2?

Using it ATM. sounds smoother than the pitch effect :astonished: still alittle glitchy tho :imp:

Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift should be glitch free apart from the very end of the selection. It is inevitable with this type of effect that for most settings the waveform will not match up at the end of the selection. To minimise the problem the selection should end at a period of silence or low level.

You are using the latest version, right?

IIRC we had some issues with the Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift stuff in earlier versions of Audacity.


Yea. It’s probably because I’m getting it to change the speed, or pitch by a large amount.

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This thread reatained on the forum as it has useful tips.