Pitch Change Creates Wobble

I’ve paid for and downloaded an MP3 from youraccompaniment.com. It is in a key that is just a bit too high for my voice range. It needed to go from Eminor down to DflatMinor.I used the “change pitch” effect. The quality is pretty awful, though. It is a solo piano playing and there is a really bothersome wobble in held chords or notes. Any advice on how to clean this up???
Please help. Thank you.

Use the “Sliding Time Scale/Pitch Shift” effect instead. It’s much better quality.

Thank you so much. What a phenomenal difference!

Pretty good isn’t it :smiley:

Hi Steve
I’ve joined this site to resolve the same issue, also tried your recommended solution with immediate success. Thank you!!
In a former life I was a live sound engineer, could you comment on what was causing the wobble and how this matter is better treated with the alternative option here?
kind regards

The standard “Pitch Change” effect uses a fairly simple algorithm to perform “time stretching”. Basically it chops the audio up into little pieces, stretches each of the pieces, then stitches the pieces back together again. This is an “overlap-add” method. The “wobble” occurs due to the overlapping pieces not matching up exactly.

“Sliding Time Scale / Pitch Shift” uses a much more complex “Subband Sinusoidal Modelling Synthesis” technique as described here: http://sbsms.sourceforge.net/)