Pitch and Pitch Change Detection

This may or may not be the appropriate forum for this post, sorry if it’s not. It’s really more about a plugin I have envisioned and whether it already exists.

I was thinking of a plugin for Audacity that would be able to detect various pitches in an audio clip and also to detect when they change. For example, if I were to record myself singing, the plugin would be able to detect the individual notes I’m singing, rather than just an average of all of them. I know that you can see the note you have sung/played if you select a section of audio with just one pitch, then use the “change pitch” plugin, but this takes a while. It would be great if this could be automated. My idea is that it could detect the individual notes based on either silence before/after it or a change in pitch before/after. It could then save the information in a new label track.

Does anyone know if this is possible, if it exists, or if it could possibly be developed either as a plugin or a built in feature?

That’s a really close cousin to what AutoTune does. It senses individual vocal notes, determines whether they’re close enough and corrects them if they’re not. I wonder if you could work that code backwards…


How would you deal with glissandos, or in my case, a melodious voice coupled with a complete inability to hit pitch?

For Audacity on Windows you can use GSnap with certain limitations.
Audacity does not support real-time processing (or real-time graphics) and does not support the MIDI features but the basic pitch correction works reasonably well.