Pioneer music centre.

Ive used audacity for quite a while and often recorded from my old music centre.

Also, when I was playing internet radio, or some audio file on my comp, there was a sound signal
in audacity so I could record audio from that source also

Last week I installed a pioneer music centre.
I put a tape in today and recorded from that for about 30 mins.
I saved the file… great quality, everything fine.

I went back to continue recording from the same tape only to find no signal in audacity, just a straight line.

The tape is getting into my computor as the sound is there in the computor speakers, but nada in audacity.

I went to play internet radio and noticed Im not getting a signal from that source into audacity.
The red signal monitor does nt appear either,
strange, it seems dead !
Thanks for any comments or advice.

it seemed very odd … getting the sound perfect in the comp speakers
yet no sound signal in audacity

I just went to sounds and devices
then audio

under sound recording I hit volume

under the recording column… the box … mute all had been ticked !!!

wonder how that suddenly happens ?

I unticked the box and … bingo… everything is back to normal !

everything is back to normal !

Or maybe not. Are you using Audacity 1.2?

Audacity 1.2 is very old and no longer supported,
patched, corrected, or updated. Audacity 1.2 can
be unstable on newer computers.

Download and install the latest Audacity 1.3 from here…

You can install both audacity 1.2 and Audacity 1.3 on
the same computer, but only use one at a time.

Audacity 1.2 will not open projects made on Audacity 1.3.

If you use MP3 or some of the more modern audio
compression formats, get Lame and FFMpeg software
from the same web site. Do not use older software
or software from other web sites, even though they
may have the same names.

I’m just sayin’.

just hit help and it said audacity 1.2.6

so now Im downloading 1.3.13 zip

Ill give it a try !

Note that the .ZIP version of Audacity 1.3.13 does not include the user manual, whereas the .EXE version does.