Pioneer D-1000 recorder on auction in Germany

Hi there, There’s a Pioneer D-1000 recorder for sale in Germany. - and before trying to win this auction I would like to here some experts’ evaluation. It’s sold as defect, so my first worry is if there’s still spares to buy. Secondly, how is this recorder?? As far as I have found out it’s a top of the range. I would primarely be using it for acoustic live music recordings - is it appropriate for this? Auction is ending this Friday so some swift comments woul be appreciated.

It’s a DAT recorder. Stay Away!!

DAT recorders have a terrible reputation in the industry.

Always bring a backup recorder to a DAT shoot so at least you go home with something.

Most DAT machines have an Importance Circuit. They can tell when you have a critical shoot so they know when to fail. It’s the most reliable thing about them.