Pinned Playback Head

I just started using the pinned playback head in your latest nightly build.

I LOVE IT. This is going to have a profound impact on my productivity.


What can I do to keep from getting seasick? Are there any display/OS settings I can make to improve the smoothness of the inverse scroll or am I going to have to buy a new PC with a graphics card to make that work? Or is it just cheaper to take Dramamine?

Your fan,

Bill Frezza
Host (and editor) RealClear Radio Hour.

I’m getting used to it. The nausea passed. Even if it didn’t, it would be SO worth it.

Thank you again.


The waterfall motion after-effect illusion will always happen.
I’d pause for a minute, 'till it wears off, before getting out of a chair.

Is the movement jerky?

My tip would be to focus your eyes on the waveform and not the Timeline. Perhaps use a lower zoom level so Timeline activity is slower.


I find that if I zoom out at least two levels from default zoom level then the scrolling looks a lot smoother :sunglasses:


I’ve tried all these things, and they certainly help. What I’m looking for is an excuse to dump this ancient PC running Windows 7 and buy a new machine that has such whizzy graphics that the problem goes away. :slight_smile:

I would first drop a portable copy of Audacity on a stick and try it with a fancy new machine.
I somewhat doubt that the graphics will be much smoother.