Pinned Play Head (centered auto scrolling) FPS/refresh rate/stuttering/laggy

I am using pinned play head out of necessity, because the automatic scrolling is too tight and doesn’t show any “padding” of the previous “page” as the audio progresses and I constantly need to select small sections where pops/clicks and other mistakes appeared in the voice recording.

The refresh rate / FPS / frames per second at which the waveform is move on is jarringly slo w. 12-24 FPS perhaps?

Is there a way to override this to be 60fps?

Audacity 3.1.3 / Win10 / ff6d67 of Wed Dec 22 16:35:36 2021 +0100

I checked by recording at 60fps, and the refresh frequency seems to actually be 30 FPS, perhaps a little higher even. (sorry for new post, couldn’t find edit button, probably antispam measure)

Sounds like a job for a second CPU (or GPU)
but Audacity only uses one core (even if you have more) …

Here is a graph of one cor during playback with pauses inbetween on my i7-10700k:
It doesn’t seem to be the cause.

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In my case scrolling more than doubles Audacity’s CPU usage …

scrolling maxes-out one of my two cores (50%).gif

If you enable logical processors view in task manager, you will be able to see each core’s utilization. In my case, the Audacity-bearing core is at about 25% while pinned is enabled (~10% while it’s off)

Fwiw: There currently is a massive rework of the rendering code happening:

It currently is 4x faster than it used to be, the goal is to make it 40x. So hopefully this won’t be an issue anymore for 3.2

Cool, thanks for sharing!

Is that platform specific? I’m not seeing any noticeable speed increase on Linux.