Pink "relevant to your operating system" panel

This panel appears near the top of every page and consumes excessive vertical space:
considerable space could be achieved:
There appears to be an “unnecessary”
(linefeed) before any text (other similar panels do not have this “wasted” space at the top). The 3 hyperlinks for the various operating systems could easily reside on a single line with a bit of internal spacing (worst-case - "hard space"s could be used).

One additional line could be saved (not done in my example) by removing the extra
(linefeed) between the 1st (bold) line and the line with the 3 hyperlinks. I’m not sure that doing so would be appealing.

PS - please ignore the boxed numerals in the 1st example (they are used by “Click By Voice”) and I neglected to remove them from the image.

Even more space could be achieved by removing it altogether, but the hope is that people will see it and act accordingly. Do you think that making it smaller will achieve that aim more effectively?

I don’t think that making it smaller by the amount in question would make it less noticeable. If you want to make it more noticeable try changing the font color of the 1st line; also consider making that 1st line a bit larger in font size.

In keeping with Connie’s recommendations on commas you could also change the 2nd line by removing the comma between “Audacity” and “or”: “If you require help using Audacity or think you have found a “bug”, please…”

Personally, this panel quite suits me