Pictures of Admin/Moderator?

The crew are:

Dominic Mazzoni centre - the founder of Audacity at CMU

From left to right
Leland Lucius - developer
Steve Daulton - Forum elf and Developer and QA tester
Roger Dannenberg - Dominic’s mentor at CMU - so grandfather of Audacity
James Crook - Developer and current Relaese Manager
Mojca Miklavec - from Macports
Cliff Scott - QA tester
Artura (Buanzo) Busleiman - systems and security
Paul Licameli - Developer (spectral stuff)
Peter Sampson - Manual editor, QA and Forum elf


Thanks Peter,

I’m an actuary and it looks to me like the average age is creeping up in the group :slight_smile:

Still younger than me though!