Picking up unwanted track recording from Yamaha keyboard

Question: Are there any know difficulties or issues when recording a song from a Yamaha keyboard recorded on multiple tracks subsequently captured by Audacity through the earphone jack?

I am using Audacity 2.0.3, Yamaha Keyboard DGX305 and Windows 7. Recording method - used earphone jack from keyboard to line in on PC. Song was created on keyboard using 5 tracks and a rhythm track. Vocal artist determined that rhythm section not compatible with song so I suppressed the rhythm track before recording the song. I recorded song while monitoring the recording and the track was suppressed. Exported capture to an mp3 file. Audacity needs a Lame dll file installed to create mp3 files. I installed Lame v3.99.3.

The suppressed Rhythm track showed up in the mp3 file (can’t hear it during the recording but its in the mp3 file.) I then deleted the rhythm track (It no longer shows or plays in the Yamaha) and recaptured while monitoring the song. Again didn’t hear the Rhythm track. Exported the song to an mp3 file. Rhythm track still there.

I thought I was avoiding midi issues by capturing through the earphone jack.

How are you monitoring? here are your headphones plugged in?
Are you playing the keyboard “live”, or is the song pre-recorded in the keyboard?

I hear the song through my PC speakers while recording from keyboard through the PC to Audacity. The song is pre-recorded on the keyboard, layered on 5 tracks and the Accompaniment Track (This track plays pre-recorded rhythm sets which are selected by number. The Accompaniment Track is the one I first suppressed, then deleted.)

The headphone jack is the output source that Audacity captures. I have a stereo cable plugged into the keyboard headphone jack. The other end is plugged to Line in on my PC. I am out of my element here, but my original thought was that the signal coming through the headphones would be analogous to recording an LP and I could avoid the problems of tracks and midi files.

Does this help?

You seem to be doing everything right.
What you hear through the speakers should be the same as what is being recorded.

Let’s drop back one step.

  1. Record into Audacity (Accompaniment Track switched off). You are saying that this sounds as expected while recording?
  2. Playback what you have recorded in Audacity - does this sound as it should?