Piano rings

Hi All, I am a newbie in dire need of sound help. Pls find attached a sample audio mp3 clip of a piano recording. Initially, it generally sounded fine using speakers but really daunting on headphones. In areas, the loud bangs of the piano breaks so much so I think I can hear bells ringing at the end of piano key strokes. Now that I’ve heard this phenomenon on the headphone, I can also hear it now from speakers. Can someone offer a workflow in audacity that I can easily follow to help minimise or preferably remove such “distortions” if I can call it that. I have searched through audacity, google, and youtube but to no avail so far. It’s starting to do my ear in. LOL. Please help or give me your take if possible. Kind regards, adrian

What headphones are you using?

Hi steve. Many thanks for your quick response. The headphones are these ones i got from gear4music as per this link https://www.gear4music.com/PA-DJ-and-Lighting/HP-210-Stereo-Headphones-by-Gear4music/8ZJ. I do not think its the phones though as they pick up the ‘distortion’ more clearly compared to the speakers. Hopeful that there is a way in audacity effects to help deal with the problem. Cheers, ade

Are you sure that there’s a “problem”?

Where did the recording come from?