Piano not getting recognised


I have a Yamaha PSR-78 piano keyboard and I want to plug it into my laptop to record something in audacity but as soon as I plug it in, it is not recognised and no more sound is outputed from my laptop.

My supposition is that the piano is being recognised as headphones.

The output from the instrument goes to “line-in”, (not mic), on the computer.
If your computer does not have a “line-in” socket,
you need a gadget to convert one of the computer’s USB sockets into line-in,

The headphone output works famously. That’s how I do it, but on my Yamaha, it turns off the built-in speakers when I plug in. You can connect the computer with either the computer’s Line-In or a Line/USB converter such as the Behringer UCA202.

However. You can’t listen to the computer while you do this because of delay and echo problems and you can’t hear the keyboard speakers any more. You can use a “Y” cable and split off the keyboard headphone connections to actual headphones, but then you can’t adjust your headphone sound without affecting the recording.

I did split the headphone connection but I did it to a stand-alone music/sound system with its own volume control.



If you do opt for the Behringer converter, that does have a place to plug headphones and it does monitor in real time. That’s one of the devices recommended for music overdubbing.