Phonograph filter?

Does anyone know how to filter sounds so they have the distinctive tinny sound of old WWII-era phonograph records?

You could start with the telephone filter. Launch the Graphic Equalizer and droop everything below 300 and above 3000. Try different frequencies to get the effect.

The system won’t let me post a picture right this second, but the blue line is a rubber band and you can push it around to get different effects.

Then add crackly noise from a download sound clip.


Here. I got it to work.
Picture 3.png

Save $5 and get free crackles from Freesound … e.g. Freesound - 78rpm surface noise.wav by FreqMan
Freesound - old_vinyl_record.wav by themfish

[ Try the Freesound search terms are “surface noise record” ].

Here’s one I made earlier … Making a song sound old. - #3 by Trebor

I found some when I searched for “vinyl” or “vinyl noise” on Freesound.