phone voice sfx

Hello everybody, hope this is the right place for my question.

How can I transform my natural recorded own voice like if I was talking on phone or any other communication device?

Thank you.

Narrow bandpass equalisation followed by leveller…
(equalizer and leveller are in Audacity “Effect” menu, leveller effect adds distortion),

I did try it, not bad…Thanks.

Should anyone have another idea, I’ll greatly appreciate it…

If you don’t like the leveller effect to add phone distortion, you could try lowering the bit-depth of the narrowband version, e.g. attached …

BTW v_c, Trebor is pretty much the expert in this field on the forum :slight_smile:

@Trebor: I noticed the terms you used and I figured that you might be “too” professional for a begginer like myself :slight_smile:

I carefully read your comments but had difficulty to translate it to practical actions. Will you be kind enough to spare me another moment or two please?
Thanks alot (loved your attachment).

@waxcylinder: So I understood :wink: thanks for the tip!

For the telephone effect first apply narrowband equalization which removes the frequencies below 300Hz and above 3000Hz …
300Hz-3000Hz narrowband equalisation 'curve' on Audacity equalizer.png
Then either apply the leveller effect to add distortion , strength to your taste, which gives an analogue (rather than digital) phone effect.

or instead of the leveller effect, add distortion by saving a copy using Audacity’s (4 bit depth) version of the IMA ADPCM codec which will add digital artifacts so it sounds like a mobile phone with a poor connection …
Exporting (saving as) IMA ADPCM format (4-bit depth, sounds  like a mobile phone).png
this was what I did on the third take of the MP3 attached to my previous post.

You could try saving copies in any other the last four formats on the list: each gives a slightly different type of distortion.

Thanks a lot body… I got the idea thgouh I don’t have the same version of Audacity as it appear in your screen shots…(is it possible? mine is 1.2.6)

Is there any forum in which I can bring up other sfx related issues, or is this forum here ok ?

Thanks for your time and patient.


This forum is fine - but “Audio Processing” is probably better - as you are processing the audio after capture (as Audacity cannot apply effects in real tim).

Do yourself a favour and upgrade to the latest Beta 1.3.12. Don’t be put off by the Beta labelling 1.3 is now a very mature Beta and in most modern platforms is actually more stable that the official 1.2.6 current release. 1.2.6 is aeons old now and is no longer maintained or updated. Moste, if not all, the forum elves now use 1.3.12 as their standard production system.

You can get 1.3.12 from here:


Thanks alot!

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