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Is anyone willing to help me get started recording with Audacity ? I am very new to this and find the forum helpful but very time consuming. I am willing to pay a fee to the person who wants to help. I would like to do this over the phone and am willing to pay someone by the hour to get this done. If interested please let me know and I will give you the number to reach me to work out payment details. Thanks. Tony.

Two problems; What time zone are you in? Our posters come from all over the world, and most of us are already doing this in our “spare” time. I should be washing socks right now. They’re going to wonder why I’m barefoot tomorrow.

But not wonder much. About a quarter of the crew runs around in sandals.

That’s the down side of having the Audacity corporate structure consist of a dog in Birmingham, two hamsters in Schenectady, and a pet sponge in Los Angeles. Annual board meetings are seriously surreal.

There is a simplified list of instructions…

If you don’t have a lot of time, perhaps Audacity isn’t for you. Cheap/Good/Fast, pick two.


I live in the Midwest, Central Standard Time.Name is Tony.I would be willing to pay you for some phone support and would definately work around your schedule!! I just do this as a hobby as well but some slow periods this time of the year I find time to mess with this.Let me know if interested! Thanks.

Are you on a Mac?



I presume that you have looked at the Tutorials:

The Audacity 1.2 tutorials are good for getting started on either Audacity 1.2 or 1.3 (though you will find a few minor discrepancies if you are using Audacity 1.3).

I have looked at the tutorials. starting to think this isn’t the program i need.

all i want to do is sing and record my voice over a song that has already been done. ex; remove the words and leave the music to the song “uncloudy day”. i can remove the words fairly easy but not completely. then i record my voice over whats left? why is this eluding me. it even has a tab that says " remove vocals" and it does a terrible job at that.

As it says in this tutorial ( )

There is no universal, reliable way of doing this without having the original multi-track recordings. Different tracks will require different techniques to achieve maximum possible attenuation or isolation. This will depend on where the vocals are positioned in the stereo field, and on their frequency content compared to the rest of the audio.

Also on the tutorial page:

There is no magic bullet to solve what is in theory an insoluble problem. In practice there are various ways to try and trick your ears into thinking you have succeeded.

and again in the tutorial:

If the vocals are panned in the centre of a stereo track (fairly common in “pop” music tracks), the so-called “vocal removal” technique can > sometimes > be effective

You should be getting the idea that with some recordings it is possible to remove the vocals quite well, but with other recordings it may not be possible at all. If the vocals are dead centre in the mix, and everything else is off centre, then it will work well. In all other case it will work less well. On a mono recording it will not work at all. It does not often work very well with MP3’s because they tend to mess up the stereo separation.

Professional karaoke recordings do not use the original and remove the vocal - they are recorded without the vocal.