Phase cancellation issue

Here is the situation: I have a partial instrumental to a song that is roughly 30 seconds. I tried lining both the original song, and the “instrumental” I have and I invert the instrumental, and nothing happens. If anybody could get the vocals out of this song, I would be appreciative!

Link to .aup file (It is 20 MB decompressed. I cut the original song down to 30 seconds (like the instrumental is).

In order for phase cancellation to work, the waveforms (the parts to be cancelled out) must be identical, and perfectly aligned.

The solo piano at the start sounds very similar in both tracks, but to cancel out the waveforms must be identical.

Here is a zoomed in view of part of the piano part in which I have carefully aligned the tracks so that they line up exactly. I have also adjusted the volume level so that both tracks have identical peak amplitude: (click on image to expand it)

If you look carefully you will see that the two tracks are not identical, so they will not cancel out - that’s why it doesn’t work.

Oh, darn. Thanks for letting me know this! This is unfortunate, but oh well.

At least you know that it’s not because you were doing it wrong. :wink: