Phantom Labels/Tracks

I’ve used earlier versions w/o difficulty but am using Audacity 2.2.2 for the first time. My operating system is Windows 10.

I’m transferring an LP and, as before, am creating a label for each track. I then use “Export Multiple” to create multiple mp3 tracks.

In 2.2.2 I’m finding that after I provide the meta data for the labels/tracks I’ve created, dialog boxes continue to pop up for additional tracks that don’t exist. I have not created any labels beyond those for the tracks on the LP but Audacity 2.2.2 seems to think there are an infinite number of tracks to be exported.

How do I resolve this? Thanks.

Is it with one specific project that this occurs, or with all projects?

I’ve only tried one so far and have been waiting for a response before doing more.

Try making a new, small, test project. If that works OK, then the problem is probably with that one project, so then we can look specifically at that one project to see what’s going on.

OK - I think it’s related to the drop out detection feature. I see where there’s a dropout down in the label track are a number of boxes with numbers in them and it seems to be treating each of them as a separate track. I’ve turned out the dropout detector and will see what happens. What’s the significance of the numbered boxes? I’m seeing 40+ for a 2 second dropout on the new project.

I’m also wondering what I can do to reduce or eliminate dropouts. It started to be a problem about a year ago and I thought it was related to the age of my computer but I replaced the 7+ year old HP a few weeks ago and have dropouts with the new machine, too.

Each label indicates a separate drop out (missing bit of audio). If there are a lot of labels within a 2 second period, it means that there were a lot of small drop outs during that 2 second period. The cause could be due to your computer briefly hitting 100% usage of CPU or disk due to some other application or service that is running.

Windows update is particularly prone to doing this, so best to ensure that your computer is fully updated before starting a recording.
Also, ensure that scheduled jobs (such as virus scans or maintenance tasks) are scheduled for times when you are not likely to be using the computer.