I’m a longtime user of 1.3 on Win7 but today I installed ver 2 and I can no longer save to the folder I’ve been saving to since, well forever as the same user.

I checked my permissions and shares and cannot find a way to defeat this. Can anyone help other than to tell me to change the folder?

What is the error message that you are getting?
Are you using a valid file name?
Are you “Saving a project” or “Exporting a file”?

Saving a project previously made with an earlier version. The error is (parpahrased) “You don’t have permission to save in that location, would you like to save in (another folder) see administrator for permission errors”

Audacity will not allow you to overwrite an existing project. This is a design decision because too many users were destroying their own work that way.
If that’s not the problem, please give the exact error message (I’m not on Windows, but if you give the exact message I may be able to help you work out what it means).

Windows raises that error, not Audacity. There is probably a reason - either you are not logged in as admin or you are accessing that folder over a network, or your permissions are corrupted in some way.

To be clear, if you have a project open, you can save that project as its own name and so update it (overwrite its previous contents).