permission to add a feature to Audacity

Hello !
We are currently working with our thesis to develop a plug-in that will minimize the vocals of an audio track, utilizing Audacity v.1.2.6 to embed locally the plug-in we made.
I’m wondering where should I email, to get a permission to add a feature to Audacity v.1.2.6. I really badly need confirmation email from Audacity Developers that confirming us that it has no feature minimizing vocals of an audio and that allow us to plug our software plug-in. Our panelist really need one from us.
Thank you for the time reading this and God Bless!

In Audacity 1.3.8 there is a plug-in effect called “vocal remover” (current version of the vocal remover plug-in is 13d). The effect is a simple “centre pan cancellation” effect - it inverts one channel and adds it to the other then returns the result back to both channels, thus any sound that is identical in both the left and right channels gets cancelled out (which is hopefully the vocal and not much else). It also has a high pass and low pass filter built in so that the centre pan removal can be frequency limited.

Audacity is open source and provides a great deal of freedom for both users and developers under the licensing terms. Audacity is licensed under “GNU GPL version 2”. There is a copy of this license included with Audacity - look in the Audacity program folder.

As you will see, the licensing terms give you legal permission to copy, distribute and/or modify the software. The licensing terms forbid you from depriving others of the same rights. For full details, read the document “LICENSE.txt”.

Thanks, Steve. What this also means is that if you’re distributing Audacity to anyone else with a plug-in of your own included in the Audacity “plug-ins” folder, it must be licensed under the same GPLv2. If it’s licensed in some other way, please keep it outside the folder containing Audacity and provide a separate licence file for it giving the licensing details. Whatever its licence, it can be used inside Audacity by the individual user (at least, according to most reasonable interpretations).

If the plug-in is to be usable on all platforms, Nyquist is the plug-in format to use (as our “vocal remover” is). By the way the Nightly Builds (1.3.9 alpha) currently only have the same version of vocal remover as in 1.3.8 Release.


Thanks a lot for the info. I really appreciate it. If that is the case, then what other means can I used to
prove that Audacity developer grant my permission and that they don’t have feature of it on earlier version which is v1.2.6. Does having the feature in the Audacity 1.3.8 will affect our plug-in to be embedded on Audacity v.1.2.6?
Is there any chances or possibility that Audacity Developer can email us and confirm us personally that Audacity v1.2.6 has no feature of it and we can plug our software?..If Audacity, will grant our request we are willing to abide in any rules they may impose and that will only using it for educational purposes.
Hoping for your consideration.Thanks!

There is a plug-in that is available for all versions of Audacity including Audacity 1.2 called “centrepanremover.ny”
This plug-in effect can reduce vocals on stereo tracks using the method described here:

Center pan Remover by David R. Sky November 12, 2004
Released under terms of the GNU Public license.

The License document that is included in Audacity states the terms of use. For more details see here:

Ok, I see… I’ll check the link right away.
Thanks a lot!